Advantages of Hiring an External Bookkeeper For Your Business

Monday, 7 Sep 2020

A bookkeeper fulfils the most critical function of financial management for a business. Although many small business owners think that they can manage the books and calculations themselves, they are often mistaken.

As soon as a small business starts growing, it needs a professional bookkeeping company in Melbourne to stay on top of the books. It is more cost-effective for the entrepreneur to hire an external bookkeeper as he does not have to pay a full-time employee for the work.

An on-site professional will be on the payroll and utilise all the equipment and utilities, which add to the cost of getting someone on board. Thus it makes more sense for a small and medium-sized business in Melbourne to hire an external bookkeeper who charges only for his service.

They are certified and experienced people who are specialised in handling the accounts of different types of businesses. If you are still confused about hiring an external company, then here is a list of advantages that will help you to make an informed decision.

1. An Impartial Assessment

An internal bookkeeper is often deeply invested in the business and shares a close relationship with the owner. Their emotional attachment with the entity can make them biased towards the organisation and its policies. They may refrain from questioning the entrepreneurs or stop them from taking risks.

They also tend to get involved in various other aspects of the business and can lose focus. On the other hand, an external bookkeeper has no personal connection with the owner so he can be subjective in his insights.

A bookkeeping company deals with several clients, and thus, has more experience of handling small businesses of varying size and type. They are dedicated to their clients and do not mince words if they intend to criticise a policy. Thus their acumen and judgement are more beneficial for the business.

2. Cost Saving

An internal bookkeeper will be a full-time employee in Melbourne and will have to be paid accordingly. Thus you will have to pay for all the employee benefits, such as paid holidays, employee benefits, payroll taxes, etc.

However, when you hire a bookkeeping company, then you can keep the work schedule flexible. Thus the professional can be contacted as and when required to work on the books and provide financial advice and insights.

They can be appointed to work once a week or for 3-4 days in a month or as needed by the business. Since the advanced accounting software has done away with the manual labour part, the time consumed to do the books has reduced considerably. Thus you can save a lot of money by hiring an external bookkeeper.

3. Protection of Classified Information

An individual hired for bookkeeping services will have access to all the financial records of the business. It is confidential information for any business in Melbourne and should not be leaked at any cost. However, internal bookkeepers are not permanent fixtures in the company.

They may choose to move to another firm for better prospects. Thus you cannot trust them with long-term commitments. On the other hand, a reputed and established bookkeeping company has a long list of clients and maintains privacy for each account to stay ahead in the industry. They can be trusted as they have been in the business for long and continue to serve various other entities.

4. Business Growth Needs

As your business expands, your accounting and bookkeeping need also increases. If you have an internal bookkeeper for the job, then you will have to recruit more people in the team to match the requirements. The process can be tedious and time-consuming.

Also, you may not find the right candidates for the job in Melbourne and your business might suffer. In contrast, the bookkeeping company is a full-service agency with several professionals who are available to take charge of the bookkeeping needs of their clients. Thus you do not have to worry about the load of work on the external professional and can expand with perfect financial management.

5. Expertise

A bookkeeper has to be aware of all the latest tax regulations in Melbourne and all the new laws that come into practice. Besides these, the professional should be able to handle the cloud-based accounting software as manual data entry has become obsolete.

It can be challenging to find a suitable candidate who has extensive expertise in the field and specifically your industry. Thus it makes more sense to hire a bookkeeping company as they have experts for every industry.

You can easily find the perfect solutions for your sector-related financial and economic challenges in Melbourne. Also, you do not have to worry about training them in the handling of advanced tools or updating their knowledge about the new laws.

6. Proficiency And Accuracy

As external experts who have access to the best accounting online tools, it is natural that they will be offering accurate and error-free documents and reports. The entrepreneur will not have to take a second look at them and get them verified or audited to make sure that they are correct.

However, when you rely on an internal bookkeeper, then it is quite possible that you may be concerned about inaccuracies. Thus you will unnecessarily end up wasting time in rechecking the financial documents that need to be submitted to the Australian Taxation Office or a money lender or financial institution in Melbourne. 

7. Concentrate On Business Expansion

The quest to save money can make several entrepreneurs take up the role of a bookkeeper in their company. They may ask a colleague or a friend to help them or hire an amateur to reduce expenses. However, working on the financial aspect of the business can eat up significant time available with the entrepreneur or other key employees. Thus it is convenient and time-saving if you hire an external bookkeeper. It allows you to focus on the development of the business in Melbourne without spending time on other activities.


It is logical for entrepreneurs to save costs while starting a business. However, hiring an external bookkeeper in Melbourne is a prudent decision when your business starts growing to meet its financial and accounting needs.      






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