7 Steps Process To Create A Good Bookkeeping System

Thursday, 19 Nov 2020

Starting a small business and making the first proverbial sales is what every budding entrepreneur aspires to achieve. However, very few give a thought to keeping records of these business transactions in the initial stages. Bookkeeping is usually perceived as …

Small Business Charitable Giving and Tax Deductions: Complete Guide

Tuesday, 10 Nov 2020

Small businesses often become an ingrained part of local communities due to their influence on the surroundings. The loyalty they receive from their customers in the region is often paid back through donations and gifting towards the greater good. Since …

7 Tips for Better Small Business Bookkeeping

Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020

Bookkeeping is the most significant part of business management, which cannot be ignored at any point. The job demands a lot of time, consumption of tons of coffee cups, and head-scratching to find out where you spent the missing dollars. …

How Good Is Your Small Business Record Keeping?

Thursday, 15 Oct 2020

Businesses cannot be run on hunches and guesswork. They require proper planning and a systematic approach to manage daily activities. Keeping records of every task is a necessity for creating reference points for the future and making analytical inferences. Besides …

Running Your Business From Home? What Expenses You Can and Can’t Claim

Wednesday, 7 Oct 2020

Although COVID-19 has made remote working the new norm, the concept of work from home had arrived long ago. Several self-employed individuals had leveraged the opportunity to start small businesses from their homes with the help of the internet and …

Everything You Need to Know About Working Capital

Wednesday, 16 Sep 2020

Working capital can be regarded as the lifeline of a business as it accounts for the available funds that support its day-to-day operations. It signifies the liquidity or current financial standing of the business and can be calculated by deducting …

Advantages of Hiring an External Bookkeeper For Your Business

Monday, 7 Sep 2020

A bookkeeper fulfils the most critical function of financial management for a business. Although many small business owners think that they can manage the books and calculations themselves, they are often mistaken. As soon as a small business starts growing, …

7 Simple Strategies to Reduce Business Expenses

Tuesday, 1 Sep 2020

Entrepreneurs are always burdened with the task of cash flow management. The best way to accomplish this feat is through the reduction of expenditure. However, it should not come at the cost of a decline in quality. Thus most small …

Choosing the Right Cloud-Based Payroll System for Your Business

Tuesday, 25 Aug 2020

Businesses with a satisfied workforce need a standard payment and employee benefits system, which keeps them motivated and enthused. However, it is not easy to keep track of all the components of the wages, manage the leave records and abide …

How Technology Is Transforming Accounting In The Modern Age

Wednesday, 19 Aug 2020

Accounting and bookkeeping have been completely revolutionised with the advent of information technology in our daily lives. Businesses in Melbourne have been in the process of harnessing this advancement in technology to reduce manual error and labour. The accurate and …

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