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Not-for-Profit Financial Management

The Australian Charities and not-for-profits have grown to become a diverse industry. The sector is continuously growing and was worth $103 billion in 2014. With donations pouring in and regulations to be fulfilled, managing and reporting finances becomes a challenge for the NFPs.

  • AGI Bookkeeping understands this need and offers expert financial management services to non-profits.
  • Our accountants are proficient in bookkeeping for NFPs of all sizes and are familiar with their needs.
  • We ensure that your organisation is able to effectively navigate through the funding and compliance environment to have greater transparency of its financial health.
We leverage industry-best practices and modern accounting tools to provide regular reports, audits, and payroll management.

We find ways to cut down on variable costs for better financial management.

Besides administrative support, we also offer advice on various money matters.

Your Financial Guide

Expert Financial Services For Non-Profits

A non-profit is not after money but needs to manage it effectively to deal with the growing governance responsibilities. Hiring a qualified in-house accountant can prove to be an expensive proposition for them. This is the reason why NFPs rely on our specialised services with expert accountants working dedicatedly for the non-profit sector.

  • We understand the unique challenges of the industry and provide customised solutions to help them make informed strategic decisions.
  • Our teams are committed to assisting NFPs in accomplishing their social goals and contributing to the society.
  • We use advanced tools and accounting software to deliver streamlined reports and provide effective money management.

Comprehensive bookkeeping services for non-profits at affordable rates!

Gain better understanding of the financial health of your non-profit through our valuable reporting.
Your data is safe with us and is organised systematically to comply with all the industry regulations.
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From offering financial consulting and monthly reporting to the tracking of grants and management of books – we take care of everything. Here is everything you need to know about us.

Specialised Bookkeeping for Non-Profits

What We Do As Your Trusted Bookkeepers

We have a team of seasoned accountants who understand the financial work requirements of a non-profit organisation. We provide unconditional support to the NFPs for quality bookkeeping, accounting software set-up, payroll systems, supplier support, training and more.

We also advise the NFPs on growing their reach and becoming more profitable. We conduct audits to review all the financial statements and ensure that all the regulations are met adequately.

We keep track of inflows from all sources such as donations and grants. Our accountants create efficient systems to disburse timely payments to suppliers and salaries to the employees.

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Assess your financial performance and forecast annual budgets!

We analyse the data to identify the key performance indicators and advice the NFPs on strengthening their weak links. We work with complete discretion to adhere to the regulations.

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Why Choose AGI Bookkeeping?

We take care of all the components such as taxes, BAS, monthly reporting, compliance reporting to the ATO and much more. With our unmatched services, the NFPs can utilise their time to carry out other operational functions.

Insightful Analysis

We assist in forecasting the budget, financial modelling and offering growth advice to non-profits to help them gain better financial standing.

Leveraging Technology

We provide monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting as per accounting standards and review their books to conduct audits.

Comprehensive Service

We make sure that all the elements of compliance and regulatory framework are covered to meet all the required obligations.

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