Bookkeeping: Making Sense of Debits and Credits!

Wednesday, 6 Nov 2019

Running a business is no child’s play. You have to be a jack-of-all-trades to stay ahead in the cut-throat competitive world. Besides tracking the administrative work, human resources, stock management, customer relationship management and marketing, you need to have a …

4 Reasons To Outsource Your Non-Profit Bookkeeping

Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019

Accurate bookkeeping is a pre-requisite for running a successful non-profit. However, crunching numbers is not everyone’s cup of tea. You may be a brilliant social worker and philanthropist, but when it comes to managing the balance sheets, you may barely …

Top 7 Tips for a Stress-Free Tax Season

Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019

Taxes are a taxing exercise for small businesses in Melbourne as they need to get it right by claiming all the deductions and without making any errors. As soon as the tax season arrives, it brings along a lot of …

Steps To Help Reduce Costs In The Face Of Growing Wages

Thursday, 10 Oct 2019

Small and medium-sized businesses are always plagued with the challenge of maintaining the flow of capital and limiting their expenses. Salaries and wages form a significant part of the costs incurred by an organisation, and any hike in this component …

The Big List of Small Business Tax Deductions (and How to Claim Them)

Wednesday, 2 Oct 2019

Small business owners are always on the run and have to juggle multiple tasks without fail. From client meetings and business associations to supplier negotiations and team management, they have a lot on their to-do list. Another significant aspect of …

Misclassification Of Expenses In An Accounting System

Wednesday, 25 Sep 2019

Accounting is an integral part of running a business, and no one can deny its significance. From small and medium-sized enterprises to big corporations, accurate accounting supports the maintenance of financial data in an organised fashion. The accountants utilise this …

Franking Credits: Everything You Need To Know

Saturday, 14 Sep 2019

You might have come across the term franking credits, but never paid heed to its implications and utilisation. However, if you are running a business or planning to get into bookkeeping, then you must be aware of its significance. Franking …

Non-Profit Bookkeeping Basics: Understanding Taxes, Donations And More

Friday, 30 Aug 2019

Bookkeeping is an integral part of non-profit organisations, which allows them to manage their finances appropriately. As per the common perception, non-profits are altruistic entities that are working for the greater good of the society. However, it operates in the …

What Does A Bookkeeper Actually Do?

Thursday, 22 Aug 2019

Most people don’t know much about the role of a bookkeeper and often relate it to accounting. However, they are not accountants and have a different job profile altogether. If this has got you even more confused, then let us …

2019 Australia Small Business Tax Checklist

Wednesday, 14 Aug 2019

The mere mention of the word ‘tax’ makes business owners anxious as they are either not ready for filing their returns or are busy updating their books. This is the reason why most organisations rely on the best bookkeepers in …

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