How Bookkeepers Can Grow Your Success

Friday, 15 Jun 2018

Hiring a bookkeeper will not only provide you with the expertise to successfully manage your bookkeeping needs but will also free up time for you to get back into doing what you love. It takes a special kind of drive …

Kabov Meets Amanda Gore and Kevin Sheedy at the MYOB Event

Tuesday, 5 Jun 2018

Anatole Kabov, Director of AGI Bookkeeping Company, participated in the MYOB event recently and got the chance to rub shoulders with two distinguished speakers – Amanda Gore and Kevin Sheedy. Mr. Kabov, who is a renowned bookkeeping expert in Melbourne, …

Signs You Need a Bookkeeper

Monday, 28 May 2018

Keeping your finances intact is imperative for your business’ success. If you’re a small business owner doing the books yourself keep an eye out for the signs telling you to reach out for help. Your cash flow is unpredictable If …

You vs Them – Highest Work-Related Expense Claims

Friday, 18 May 2018

One of the great assets to Australian tax reporting is the opportunity to claim back certain work –related expenses. Recent data shows those in Real Estate take the top of the cake with whopping average of $8,634! This often includes …

Accountants vs. Bookkeepers | Things You Need to Know For Your Business

Saturday, 28 Apr 2018

When it comes to establishing your business, maintaining ongoing accounts and monitoring cash flow, the one debate that often comes up in the business world is Accountants vs. Bookkeeper. In a tee off boxing match, both are beneficial, both have …

Protecting Your Business from Accounting Error and Fraud

Thursday, 19 Apr 2018

Accounting programs have become our third leg in running our business, they are great at cutting down on time and provide ease of access, however things can still go wrong in our technological age. Accounting errors if unnoticed have the …

How to Choose your Bookkeeper – Improve Profit & Save Time

Friday, 16 Mar 2018

AGI Bookkeeping in Melbourne Their service pays for itself!

Tuesday, 6 Mar 2018

ATO – Data Matching Program – UBER and ONLINE SALES

Wednesday, 28 Feb 2018

1. The Ride Sourcing (UBER and the like) data matching program has been developed to address the compliance risk of the registration, lodgement and reporting of businesses offering ride sourcing services as a driver. It is estimated that up to …

If I Only Knew Then, What I’d Tell My 20 Year Old Self

Tuesday, 27 Feb 2018

Time is a virtue, and it may sound like a clique to say it but age really does provide you with wisdom and a life full of hard learn lessons that help you to become the person you are today. …

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