The Best Small Business Accounting And Bookkeeping Apps For 2020

Wednesday, 5 Feb 2020

Running a small business in Melbourne is a long row to hoe, which is all-consuming and painstaking. It needs an exceptional focus of the entrepreneur on a variety of aspects. Financial management takes the top spot among these elements as the viability of the business depends on positive cash flow.

This is the reason why business owners rely on bookkeepers in Melbourne who stay on top of the payables, receivables, taxes, loans, debts and the budget. With advancing technology provided by accounting software, it has become possible to access the financial data from anywhere in the world using the internet.

In addition, the accounting and bookkeeping apps offer greater flexibility which has made it possible for the ever-busy entrepreneurs to check the incomings and outgoings while they are on-the-go. You can receive tailored reports and evaluate the profitability of your business at any given moment with these apps.

You can send out an invoice or pay a bill from the comfort of your home in Melbourne or while travelling in a bus. However, you need to determine which app is most suitable for your venture. So here is a list of the best small business accounting and bookkeeping apps for 2020.

1. Xero Accounting App

It is one of the best accounting and bookkeeping tools in the market which is also quite cost-effective. It can be best utilised by businesses in Melbourne which need to include unlimited users without paying anything extra for them.

With the help of the Xero app, you can perform bank reconciliation, manage employee time, get receipts, add and edit customer details and conduct invoicing. Just like the software, the app is highly rated by users with a rating of 3.5 on Apple’s app store and 3.4 on Android. However, many users rated it below QuickBooks, which has higher ratings for user experience and functionality. 

2. QuickBooks Accounting App

Although Xero scores high on the accounting software front, it lags behind QuickBooks on the app front. The divide is quite clear with the customer ratings for QuickBooks being 4.7 and 4.3 on the Apple app store and Google Play store respectively.

The reason behind this is that the intuitive app seamlessly syncs data across devices and is capable of doing everything that the software can do. It can aid you in fetching over 50 reports and sharing them with stakeholders, sending invoices along with attached receipts, tracking expenses, accepting payments, transferring payments to bank accounts, creating estimates, etc.

The only downside is that it is costlier than the other apps, and you need to pay an additional amount for payroll. It works well with all type of businesses and is easy to operate and understand.     

3. Zoho Books Accounting App

Zoho Books accounting app works on all operating systems – Apple iOS, Windows and Android. It helps in automating the time-consuming and repetitive tasks which become tedious for the bookkeeper when performed manually.

It provides multiple automated workflow options which allow the automation of various accounting processes. It has a rating of 4.7 on the Apple app store, and it works effortlessly with Siri, Apple Maps and iMessage.

The Zoho app assists in sending invoices, quickly pulling up reports, capturing expenses, gathering insights from the dashboard, tracking time spent on projects, etc. The downside of the app is that it has no feature for payroll and does not integrate with other apps.

4. Fresh Books Accounting App

With the user rating of 4.8 on the Apple app store, it is a highly rated mobile app which helps you to stay connected with your customers and create invoices on the go. It makes capturing expenses a matter of few minutes and allows you to respond to your clients using real-time conversations through the app.

The best part about this app is that it gives you the exact time when an invoice was viewed by the client. It is quite suitable for self-employed workers in Melbourne. The right bookkeeper will help you to understand if you need this app or an advanced one.   

5. Sage Accounting App

As most bookkeepers would suggest, Sage offers a plethora of features including access to real-time data, quick invoicing and management of overdue invoices, tracking expenses and managing cash flow from anywhere.

The Sage app works with iOS and Android and enjoys a rating of 4.4 on the Apple app store. It has a chat feature for texting, taking pictures of receipts, checking balance, etc. It is reasonably priced with different pricing for different app capabilities.

6. Wave Accounting App

The Wave accounting app provides most of the features free, which makes it a suitable option for businesses with very few employees in Melbourne. It does not have detailed features but suffices for the basic needs of a self-employed individual.

You can track expenses and manage several businesses from the same account at no additional cost. It is primarily useful for invoicing and transaction management. If you need insightful features like project management, then you will have to look at the paid apps which come with several features.

7. Go Daddy Bookkeeping App

Go Daddy Bookkeeping is the best accounting tool for entrepreneurs in Melbourne who utilise e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay for selling their products and services as it directly integrates with them.

Another advantage of this app is that it is cheaper than the other options in the market. It has a 3-star rating on the Apple app store and can be utilised for accepting payments, capturing receipts, sending invoices, adding expenses, etc.

8. ZipBooks Accounting App

It is quite evident from the low ratings of ZipBooks on both the Apple app store and Google Play store that it is not highly functional. However, it is significantly beneficial for small businesses and freelancers operating in Melbourne.

It allows effortless invoicing, time tracking and project tracking. It does not have the advanced features of inventory tracking and payroll, but it fares well in the case of micro-businesses. Plus, it is extremely user-friendly.

9. Kashoo Cloud Accounting App

Offering a free trial, Kashoo is an easy-to-use online accounting app for simple bookkeeping methods. You can use it to generate invoices quickly, monitor your financial data at any time, track expenses and get insightful reports.

It is designed exclusively for Apple products and is quite popular among small business owners in Melbourne with limited needs.


As an entrepreneur, you must assess all the accounting software and their apps to find the perfect match for the needs of your organisation. Your bookkeeping company in Melbourne and the list mentioned above can help you in getting the best app for your small business.                                

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