How Xero Makes You Think Differently About Accounting

Monday, 8 Jul 2019



Technological advancements have engulfed the entire world, and every domain is switching to digital platforms for better performance. Like all other fields, bookkeeping has been revolutionised with the evolution of cloud-based accounting, which has eliminated the tedious task of manual data entry and calculations.

Xero is one such accounting software which has helped in streamlining financial management for small and medium-sized businesses. Most bookkeepers in Melbourne rely on the automated system, which has amplified efficiency by leaps and bounds. In the beginning, many found it challenging to transition to this new version of bookkeeping as the traditional methods were distinctly ingrained in their systems.

However, the ease-of-use and comprehensibility of Xero have made the veterans as well as the novices in Melbourne think differently about accounting. Let us understand how it enriches the bookkeeping process and broadens your horizons.

Do A Lot More In Less Time

Maintaining transaction records was a demanding activity earlier as bookkeepers had to manually prepare details of transactions from the bank statements. However, with the help of XERO, the bank statements are imported every day automatically, which leads to regular bank reconciliation instead of making transaction entries at the end of the month.

The software maintains the debit/credit entries for the business in Melbourne, and the bookkeeper only needs to match it against an old invoice which has been entered into the system, or mark it as a new transaction, or consider it as transfer between two bank accounts. Since most part of the task is automated, it saves a lot of time.

You can also manage several client accounts simultaneously and use various add-ons to automate a variety of bookkeeping activities such as cash flow projections. This helps to boost efficiency with accurate data and removes the possibility of human errors.  

Real-Time Reporting Advantage

Most small businesses in Melbourne suffer because the entrepreneurs are not aware of the updated cash flow information. They make arbitrary financial decisions based on intuition which often backfire. Xero makes their job easier by providing real-time financial information related to the bottom-line, investments, expenditure and profits.

Armed with this auto-updated data, the business owner can make well-informed decisions in the desired time without having to wait for updated versions. Xero provides 24×7 access to information related to incomings and outgoings at anytime and anywhere which makes the business more productive and efficient.

The all-inclusive software can manage all the financial obligations of businesses in Melbourne with immense precision, such as payroll management, superannuation, generation and delivery of invoices etc. Thus the owners can predict challenges and take action in time to maintain ideal budget and work on forecasting the cash-flow.        

 Secure Method With The Benefit Of Backup

A significant change from the conventional documentation, Xero offers complete protection to your data by making it secure and safe. You can forget about losing your important files due to some damage to your computer as all the data is stored on the cloud and can be easily retrieved.

Manual bookkeeping was a laborious task which was often done half-heartedly by bookkeepers. However, Xero makes it automated. Another daunting truth about having financial information online is that your crucial data can fall prey to cyber threats.

With Xero, you can rest assured about the security as the sensitive data is wrapped under layers of protective shields by the software such as passwords, firewalls, and third-party inspections in Melbourne.         

Collaborating With Teams Is Easier

The most significant aspect of well-organised business functions is efficient liaising between teams so that hurdles can be overcome without wasting time. With the help of real-time data access and one ledger, teams located in far-flung areas or separated by time difference can work simultaneously on the same updated data without sending emails back and forth to match the accuracy.

Since all the people involved in the process are on the same page as they are working on the same ledger and all the information is available in a transparent manner, the performance of the business is optimised manifolds.

The top management or the stakeholders and advisors in Melbourne can easily collaborate while they are travelling or are working from home with the cloud-based software. Bookkeeping companies in Melbourne can heave a sigh of relief as they don’t have to keep sending out details to every person and get approvals for the same.

The Software Keeps Updating

An incredible feature of the software is that it keeps innovating. The updates also take place automatically on the cloud, unlike other software where you have to purchase the latest version every time an upgrade takes place.

Thus you save a lot of money as you don’t have to shell out a few extra dollars for hosting services or new hardware. It only requires an affordable monthly payment for its subscription in Melbourne. Also, by saving an enormous amount of time of bookkeepers, it further saves the cost of bookkeeping in organisations.

Also, the software can connect to several apps which help in importing data electronically. Xero has the ability to utilise add-ons which enable superior management of some of the tasks, such as inventory management which can be upgraded by using add-ons that allow a better point of sale operations.         

Easily Retrievable Data

Manually scavenging for data from a pool of books used to be a Herculean task for bookkeepers. However, with the search tool available in Xero, looking for some specific data has become a piece of cake.

The bookkeeper can now easily search for bills, credit notes or any transaction in Melbourne without depending on ledgers to find reference information. Thus you literally have all the information on your fingertips with the help of Xero.


As bookkeeping becomes automated, many fear the ouster of bookkeepers. However, their role is not getting faded as professional and experienced bookkeepers are still very much in demand in Melbourne for auditing of data, keeping everything organised and managing the reporting process. Thus you must hire bookkeepers who are trained in Xero to manage your finances in the best possible manner.                   

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