What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services?

Monday, 2 Dec 2019

It is almost impossible to run a successful business without the expertise of a bookkeeper. These professionals are an indispensable part of small as well as big organisations as they are responsible for managing the books and payroll services. They ensure smooth functioning through effective financial management, tax planning and performance analysis.

The bookkeepers have to track all the financial transactions and provide invaluable advice on significant financial matters which make them the backbone of a business. Despite holding a vital job profile, many businesses still don’t have an in-house bookkeeper in Melbourne, as they are working on a tight budget.

However, the digital revolution has connected the world in an incredible way which has made outsourcing crucial tasks a cakewalk. Many organisations have leveraged this technological boon to cut down on costs and enjoy the services of a professional bookkeeper working remotely from a distance.

Let us understand the benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping which has become quite prevalent in recent years.     


Bookkeeping is a tedious process which takes an enormous amount of time and needs dedicated commitment from the people working in the department. Besides maintaining the record of all the transactions, they have to make arrangements for payroll management and generate all the financial reports within defined timelines.

Most small business owners take up this responsibility themselves or delegate the tasks to a colleague and end up feeling overburdened. However, by outsourcing bookkeeping, they can free up all the time spent in these exhaustive and elaborate processes. This precious time can be invested in completing other significant functions.


Outsourcing proves to be cost-efficient as you don’t have to add another employee to the payroll and bear the expenses of payroll taxes and other employee benefits. You will not be spending on office costs incurred by the employee, such as training expenditure.

Also, you will be spared the hard work of identifying, interviewing and recruiting a qualified bookkeeper. The efficiency and accuracy offered by a bookkeeping company in Melbourne will make sure that you are able to claim tax deductions and do not incur any penalties, which also reduce business costs.    


When you are dabbling with a lot of things and have several pending jobs waiting for your attention, attaining accuracy in accounting can be a challenging task. While there is no such burden on the shoulders of professionals working virtually for your organisation in Melbourne.

They come with years of experience and have the skills of managing the accounts of similar businesses. They are well-versed in using up-to-date accounting software which removes all chances of making an error, such as misclassification of expenses. They follow the industry best practices and ensure the highest level of accuracy, which is difficult to achieve in-house.

Effective Tax Preparation

Tax filing season is the most nerve-wracking period of the year and makes business owners scramble for the financial documents and work day and night to submit the reports on time.

However, when you hire a bookkeeping company, your taxes are managed proficiently. You don’t have to keep looking for those missing receipts or invoices as the professionals have everything verified and under control. It takes away all the stress related to tax management.

Expert Analysis

When you are managing things on your own, you don’t have enough time to assess the performance of individual projects using financial records. It is time-consuming and challenging. With the help of professional bookkeepers, you can have the expert opinion on all such matters.

They are adept at analysing the financial documents and providing insights into the success and failure of projects and products. It can help the business owner in Melbourne to make informed decisions rather than relying on random projections.

No More Frauds

Bookkeepers hired as third party services are unbiased and not associated with the employees in any way. They keep a check on all kinds of transactions taking place within the organisation and nothing misses their eyes.

Payroll frauds and check tampering are not possible under the watchful eyes of an outsourced employee using advanced software which automates billing systems and matches transactions with invoices.


The services offered by a bookkeeper are effective in organising the books in a systematic manner. You can have a clear view of the income and expenses which will help you to understand the financial health and the bottom-line of the business in Melbourne.

This information is essential to forecast the budget for the next financial year. It helps you to allocate resources according to the available figures and helps in the accurate assessment of finances.

Make Investors Happy

The reports generated by a bookkeeper are not only essential for the business but also for the investors who have put their money in the organisation. The profit and loss statement and the cash flow statement help them in gauging the future of their investment.

Also, they have access to real-time data with the help of accounting software that allows tracking of numbers from anywhere at any time. The organised records are also helpful in finding new investors and presenting the lenders in Melbourne with updated information.


Data theft is not a new thing and is becoming commonplace among small businesses in Melbourne. So keeping all the records within the accessible limit of your employees can be dangerous, especially if you are maintaining everything on papers.

In such scenarios, the digital privacy maintained by bookkeeping companies helps in keeping the data secure from theft as well as natural disasters. These professional companies apply layers of firewall and privacy settings to ensure optimum safety.

Permanent Feature

When you hire a person to handle your bookkeeping, you become dependent on that person and have to make a backup plan when he/she is on leave or vacation. Also, an employee can decide to leave the organisation at any point of time and then you have to wait until you can find a desirable candidate.

Thus outsourcing bookkeeping allows you to get rid of the risk of losing your bookkeeper. The professional companies in Melbourne have teams of bookkeepers looking after several accounts which verify and double-check everything before sending it to the clients.


The value of a bookkeeper cannot be overstated. They breathe life into an organisation by keeping the finances organised and in-check. So instead of delegating the responsibility to an amateur, business owners in Melbourne must rely on outsourcing the service.        



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